My Spouse or My Kids?

My Kids or My Spouse?

You married for love. You married forever. But you never expected your marriage would involve having to choose between your new spouse an...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

To My 13-Year-Old, An iPhone Contract From Your Mom, With Love

Interesting responses. It looks to me like the responders who criticize the lack of trust in the list have never parented a teenager (as I have). One person suggested the parents should let the kids learn from mistakes "like we did." But the mistakes kids can make today have much, much, MUCH more dangerous ramifications than ours did. With great power comes great responsibility. This parent seems to be guiding her son to learn these responsibility lessons in a real-life situation, rather than just talking it out to him. And as for not insisting on knowing his password ... DUH! Any parent who cares for their child's safety and is engaged in the growing process should know what's going on in their child's life. If a child is keeping secrets they don't want Mom or Dad to know, it's something they shouldn't be dabbling in. A parent has the responsibility of protecting, preparing, and guiding a child through childhood into adulthood, prepared to navigate the world on their own. Good job, Janell!
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