My Spouse or My Kids?

My Kids or My Spouse?

You married for love. You married forever. But you never expected your marriage would involve having to choose between your new spouse an...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome to a new service of STEP-Carefully! for Stepparents! We've been helping stepfamilies since 1996 and have no intention of stopping!

This, our first blog, is dedicated to helping stepparents, who are already stressed and harried enough, to find and develop healthier ways of living. I am doing this for two reasons: first, I recently was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of Type II Adult onset Diabetes. Rather than fall into the mire of ADA-sanctioned diets, medications, and treatments, which result in the majority of cases in declining health and increase of health problems, I decided to research diabetes and find out what could be done alternatively to deal with, if not eliminate this mess.

What I learned allowed me to, in just three months, bring all my numbers (blood sugar, A1C measure, cholesterol, and weight) under control and within safe, healthy levels. My doctor, Phil Agent, D.O., here in Fort Smith, was at first reluctant to endorse my departure from the published, approved method of treatment. I convinced him (≠ nagged, whined, and cajoled) to give me three months to try the methods I outlined to him. After three months, he was so impressed he's thinking of going on my diet himself!

In the following blog entries, I intend to show you what I learned, some of the steps you can take, some recipes that help, and to counter some of the un-healthy, anti-information I see published in the mainstream media.

Come along for the ride!


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