Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Please the Master

This cute little video is really a life lesson lived out before you. In it, we learn all we need to do to please our Master.

1) come when we are called - even if we're tired or doing something else

2) give Him our full attention, sit quietly

3) unless asked to speak up for Him

4) heed His call to prayer

5) bow humbly at your Master's feet

6) pray sincerely, remembering others and to say thank you

7) never fear to ask for help to be a better person

8) enjoy His blessings and provision

9) accept and enjoy His love and praise when we do well

Bob Collins

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, looking for some advice. My husband has left me as I welcomed my son his step son back into the family home for a short period until he has a place of his own. I am torn between the two. my son has made some bad choices in the past so this hasn't helped. I as his mother feel I need to be there for him until such times he has his own home. I love my husband very much and hate being in the middle all the time.

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