Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stepfamily Springtime Blessings

Isn't Spring wonderful! I spent yesterday in our beautiful yard (let's hear it for wireless Wifi!) working while listening to a pair of mocking birds trying to outdo each other and a score of other whistling, singing, and chirping commentators.

The best thing about living in such a lovely area was this last Saturday when my stepdaughter and my 8-year-old grandson came over for an early Easter party. We hunted eggs until I was all egged out, ate outside by the woods, and watched our thriving batch of honey bees visit the flowers in preparation for our budding garden.

Life is good - even in a stepfamily. Four years of struggle (investment) with a very resistant and angry stepchild has returned a mature young friend and a grandson! I thank God every day for my stepfamily - trying to make up for all the times I prayed for them to go away.

Moral of the story: never give up, no matter how hard it gets. The dividends far outweigh the expense!

STEPcoach Bob

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