Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Divorced Parents' Tips

From my new report on Children of Divorce:

* Your kids are afraid they'll hurt you by loving their other parent- TELL THEM IT'S OK to love the other parent! you MUST!

* Your kids are confused about where they stand in this new life - sit down and TELL THEM what to expect, reassure them!

* It is vital that your kids open up to you about fears, confusion, anger, questions, pain. ENCOURAGE THEM to talk!

* It's normal for your kids to hope you get back together - don't fuss at them about it, BE PATIENT with them!

* Realize divorce DOES NOT end your relationship with your kids' other parent - it INTENSIFIES it! Learn the right way!

* Your kids will FOLLOW YOU in how they adapt to the divorce, angry & obsessed or hurt & recovering. WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THEM?

Email me about getting your copy of this 30+ page report.


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T.S. Franklin said...

Great points! When I divorced several years ago, my ex and I spent a lot of time following similar steps and making sure the kids knew we loved and cared for them and that would never change. Though there were (and are) rough patches, now 3 1/2 years later, both kids feel safe and loved in each home.

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