Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Stress Evaluation

So you think you are suffering from Christmas Stress? Check this out!
A stress test was invented by psychologist Thomas Holmes. His scale helps one measure the stress in life. He ascertained that a person's job could be awarded 35 stress points, getting married--50 points. Moving to a new city--25 points, etc. He also surmised that living through a typical Christmas Season could produce 14 stress points. At the end of the year, you were to add up all the points you had accumulated and if your score was more than 200, you were in danger of a nervous breakdown.
Bridget Kuhns, an enterprising young lady, took Holmes' scale and applied it to the Virgin Mary. Here were the results.
Pregnancy--40 points
Unplanned pregnancy--20 more points
Having to tell your parents that you were pregnant--(make up a number!)
Moving in with a relative for 3 months--25 points
Getting married--50 points
The family argument that must have happened when Joseph failed to make reservations in Bethlehem during the holiday season--35 points
Giving birth--39 points
Changes in eating and sleeping habits while traveling--31 points
And then there were all those guests during the Christmas season--angels, shepherds, etc.
Holmes reported that people get sick at 200 points.
Poor Mary! Her calculated stress level hits at least 424!!!!!
Get a grip! You don't know what stress is!!!!

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