Friday, November 21, 2008

Rub Your Mate ... the Right Way!

Nothing says I love you quite like a gentle, long, relaxing massage. But when I suggest this to some of the couples who come to me for relationship coaching or mediation, I usually get odd looks, snickers, or just plain silence. Seems most people either don't know how or just don't take time to give a good massage.

What a shame, because it can be very helpful in a troubled marriage. Just the act of giving service unselfishly can begin to break down the walls of resistance and resentment. To most wives, the idea of a soothing, loving massage from their husband is a dream.

Well, guys (and ladies) I've found a great instructional article, complete with photos, to help you make that dream come true. It's HERE and there's even a special page on giving a FOOT MASSAGE for those of you who have limited time or who are really, really interested in making your spouse sigh with pleasure.

With the holidays coming up, these massages could be a great way of helping your partner release the stress. You could even make a booklet of coupons offering massages on demand or in exchange for compensatory services ... !

Have fun!

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