Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benefits of Stepparenting ...

  1. no more single parent loneliness
  2. no questions about how you are doing today - everyone tells you
  3. no more wondering if you're equal to the task
  4. health benefit: flexibility increases as you bend over backwards
  5. a new model to aspire to - the ex
  6. free cooking lessons ("my mom always makes it different!")
  7. health benefit: deep breathing to avoid exploding
  8. lots more family to remember names of and send cards to
  9. dates with you hot new spouse
  10. free advice from new in-laws and ex-in-laws and in-law-exes
  11. health benefit: regular blood pressure checks
  12. a second round of wedding shower gifts
  13. a second honeymoon (eventually)
  14. freedom from responsibility for out of control stepkids (those are NOT my kids!)
  15. health benefit: free facial as you practice grinning insincerely
  16. your own kids begin to look much better by comparison
  17. your ex-provides free babysitting service (?)

... what else? ...

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